Saturday, October 26, 2013

An opportunity to witness your Border Collie’s natural instinct come alive...

Your dog will be introduced to sheep in a safe environment to determine if they have natural instinct/interest in sheep and herding.  If we determine your dog is safe to be around stock, they will be given the opportunity to begin to figure out how to move in and around stock.
 Depending on their ability, age and experience there will be opportunities for them to learn basic herding commands (come bye, away to me, walk in etc) and work on balance and control of the flock.  If we determine that your dog is safe around our stock and you are willing and able, you will have an opportunity to work your dog on the flock, this will be done under close supervision and guidance from our staff.
We have worked with many different ages of dogs and are willing to introduce them in a manner that is age appropriate.  We have introduced very young puppies and very senior dogs to stock with great success.  We ensure we use methods that build confidence through positive experiences and the safety of dog, handler and stock come first.
If your dog should not have an interest in working, is extremely fearful/insecure or poses a danger to himself or our stock we reserve the right to end the session.  Your fee is non-refundable, however, the day is never lost or wasted.  You will have learned something about your dog and yourself along the way.


We occasionally take dogs in for herding training to prepare them for general ranch work.  We do not train for competition/trials.  Depending on your dog's ability, we will begin to teach basic commands, directions, gathering/driving, penning and holding.  We only take one dog in, at a time, so your dog will receive individual attention and will be integrated into our daily farm routine.  Dogs that are in for training, generally get worked twice daily, 6 days per week, we may substitute hiking for 1 or 2 sessions per week. Prior to taking in a dog for training, we will evaluate your dog and provide you with an opinion on your dog's ability.  While your dog is with us, we will provide updates on progress. Not all Border Collies are suited for ranch work and if we find this to be the case with your dog, we will let you know so that we can make a decision on his future.  Every Border Collie is different, there is not a standard age to start training or length of time needed to provide you with a good ranch hand.  There will need to be a commitment from you, once your dog goes home, to continue to develop the skills necessary to enable your dog to help you on your farm.  We will provide you with a private lesson with your dog a the end of the training session.  Prior to taking your dog in for training, they must have a reliable recall, be responsive to a leash and know basic commands (sit and lie down).  Please contact us for a consultation, pricing and scheduling.